Shotgun Shooting

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4 thoughts on “Shotgun Shooting

  1. What a shoot em up!!

    Jack Wallace, Norm Mckeen and myself ventured over to the Kincardine Gun Club last Sunday and had a great time shooting trap with our new friends Sharron, Tim, and Peter. We lucked out as most of the drive over was rain, and the closer we got the harder it rained. 2 concessions from the club I shut the wipers off and the Sun even made an appearance. January 24th, plus 5c,,, perfect!!

    We all shot 100 rounds with some pretty impressive scores, not bad for rusty barrels any way.

    This club shoots trap every other Sunday in the off season. They only clear off the 16 yard line, but beggars can’t be choosers.
    Peter has my email and will be notifying me as the shoots get closer. You can’t determine which Sunday the shoot will fall on because if they cancel a Sunday due to weather they have it the next week. I will foward any information I receive as to when they are shooting to this blog site.

    After the shoot we went inside their heated club house to square up our bill which was $4 a round and discussed them coming up to some of our interclub shoots this season to see if it may be something they may be interested in joining. The shooting we saw from their members (ladies included) they would fit right in. It would be nice to have more participation in this aspect.

    In closing I would like to say that for the short drive with a group of guys chatting it up the whole way, shooting the odd round of trap in Kincardine with the NIMRODS on a Sunday afternoon is a great way to break-up the Winter blahs.

    P.S. Broadway, we wish you were there!!!

    1. The rain forecast cooled my jets on that one but glad it cleared up for you guys.
      Count me in next time save for a snow storm, -25C, or dreaded RAIN!

  2. Here is a quick rundown of the 2010 Inter-club Trap shooting schedule:

    May 15- NGB
    May 29- Syd
    June 12- BlueR
    June 26- NGB
    July 10- Syd
    July 24- BlueR
    Aug 7- NGB
    Aug 21- Syd
    Aug 28- BlueR

    See ya there!!

  3. I was at the Georgian Bay open with my two sons on Saturday is it possible for you to email me the final results of the trap meet my youngest son did quite well

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