Club Safety Rules


Appendix “B”

North Grey Bruce Rod & Gun Club

Range/Club Rules and Regulations

(Made in accordance with Section 8 of the By-laws)

Revised May 2, 2011

All Members including Provisionary and Probationary shall receive copies of these rules, and they are responsible to read and review them on an annual basis as a minimum.

Use of Club Facilities

  1. No alcohol shall be consumed on club property prior to or during any shooting event.

  2. Non-members may use club facilities only as a guest of a member in good standing and only while accompanied by the member.

  3. A member is responsible for informing a guest of club rules and for the conduct of the guest at all times.

  4. It is the responsibility of each and every member to ensure that safety procedures are followed by all users of the property and facilities.

  5. Exclusive of social events, no member may introduce more than two guests, other than family members, on any one occasion.

  6. The executive may authorize a reciprocal agreement with neighbouring clubs whereby members of those clubs may participate in scheduled club events by simply appearing on the day of the event. In such cases, the responsibility for ensuring that rules are followed rest with all club members as well as the range officer.

  7. No vehicles other than those used for maintenance purposes may be parked downrange of any firing stations.

  8. It is the responsibility of all members to keep the property and buildings clean or garbage, spent casings or hulls etc.

  9. The gate shall remain closed and locked at all times when no member is present. It will be the responsibility of the last member leaving the property to ensure that this is done.

Firearms and Shooting

  1. Before any shooting commences, the Range in use sign (located on road), the active range (trap, rifle or handgun) sign must be turned to indicate range in use and the red flag must be flown. All shooters must sign the sign-in book located in the clubhouse. (Members may use there debenture number as a sign-in, but any other shooters must sign-in)
  2. A range officer must preside over all shooting activities. Likewise, the instructions of the range officer are to be observed at all times. It is be understood by all club members and their guests that the range officer is obliged to enforce all range rules.
  3. As a safety precaution, all members are advised to consider, that all range shooting, and especially that of handguns, should be done in the company of at least one other adult who can act on behalf of the member in the event of an injury.
  4. Except during firing, all firearms which are uncased and in-hand shall have the action open and pointed skyward or to the ground.

  5. No firearm shall be handled except by the owner or with the owner’s permission.

  6. No firearm shall be loaded or discharged, except on the firing line and then only under the command of the range officer.

  7. In the case of a jam or misfire, the shooter must keep his or her gun pointed downrange for at least 60 seconds. Anyone discovering his or her gun to be defective during the course of fire must inform the range officer immediately.

  8. No person will be allowed in front of the firing line during the course of fire without the permission of the range officer and then only after all necessary precautions have been observed, ie. Shooting stopped and guns unloaded (including magazines removed where technically possible), actions open and firearms stood muzzle up in a rack, or laid down on the shooting bench or firing position shelf in a down range direction.
  9. All firearms shall be left at or behind the firing point during target inspections, except when a shooter is alone, and then only if other safety precautions (firearm open and unloaded) are followed. Shooters alone at the range are advised not to leave their firearms unattended during target inspections.
  10. Anyone may call a ceasefire if he or she observes an unsafe condition.

Special Rules for Trap Shooting

  1. During Trapshooting, ATA rules shall be followed. (rules available at
  2. No individual shall proceed in front of the firing line to attend to the trap house during shooting unless a cease-fire is called, and all shooters have unloaded and opened their firearms.

  3. An orange signal cone/pylon shall be placed on top to the trap house while any attendant enters the trap house for maintenance or refilling machines, signalling to others that a person is inside the trap house.

  4. No person shall attend to the trap house or trap machines unless they have received proper instructions on doing so.

  5. The Doubles / Wobbles machine shall not be operated by anyone not trained on the operation or by anyone who does not fully understand the operation of the machine. The Doubles / Wobble machine is to be returned to a regular trap setting (singles and oscillating) after use on the doubles or wobble setting.
  6. Trap houses, the generator storage house and storage container are to remain locked when no members are at the club, it will be the responsibility of the last member to leave the club property to ensure this is done.
  7. There is a cost associated with trap shooting; all shooters are to ensure that current price is paid per shooter for each round or 25 targets thrown. (See Appendix “E”)

  8. No individual is to load used targets (pickups) into the trap machines. (Pickups maybe used for rifle/pistol targets)

  9. Any other rules not shown here that may be posted on signage at the trap range must be adhered to.

Special Rules for Handguns and Handgun Ranges # 2 and # 4

A. Handgun range # 2 is restricted to 50 yards maximum target distance. Range # 4 is restricted to 25 yards.

B. The steel baffle plates blocking the shooting stations are to be raised only as high as necessary to clearly see your target. They are not to be raised high enough that the shooter can see open sky above the 100m berm from his or her shooting position.

C. Handguns must be carried muzzle down, with slide open and magazine out, or with the cylinder open.

D. Casual use of holsters is discouraged, and drawing and firing from a holster is forbidden except while participating in a permitted shooting event which incorporates use of holsters into the shooting activity. Permitted shooting events are Matches and Practice Sessions for IPSC, Defensive Pistol, and 3 Gun, as per our Range Approval.

All safety procedures and standards governing these Action Pistol events must be adhered to.

All training and testing that is required to shoot Action Pistol must be completed by all participants.

E. No probationary member shall be permitted to shoot handgun until it has been established that they have satisfactorily completed training in handgun use and safety.

F. The club shall maintain no fewer than two certified safety instructors.

G. The membership of NGB will ensure that all pistol shooters shoot safely and responsibly.

H. Observe and follow all posted safety rules at all ranges.


Special Rules for Rifles and Rifle Range

  1. Rifle range is restricted to 200m.

  2. All targets (paper, steel, or other) are to be placed immediately in front or inside of target backstops, (50, 100 and 200 yards)

  3. Targets such as clay birds are not to be hung on the wooden target backboard brackets, to minimize damage to them.

  4. Any other rules not shown here that may be posted on signage at the Rifle range must be adhered to.