Monthly Archives: January 2010


Saw Avitar at the Imax on Saturday.

WOW!! describes the visuals. Wicked.

Pure Entertainment!

One thing disappointed me though:

Col. Scarface GI Joe, the movie’s villain, uses a revolver of sorts as his sidearm.

It should have been a 1911 for sure!!  ;-p


Unofficial Big Buck News!!

Remember this is unofficial but information from credible sources names our contest winners this year.

Nick Brindley 164 7/8

Tyrell Moore 152 1/8

Shawn Greig 151 7/8

Black Powder winner is Jerrod Beech

Hidden Score prize winner John Ried

Smallest rack scored awarded to Jack Wallace 23 3/8

There you have it. Congratulations to all!!

The mailings will not take place until the early part of March so for the rest of us we will have to wait to see where we ranked.

Our grand prize winner of the draw for a 270 Tikka will be announced then as well!!

Good Shooting and Happy Hunting