Monthly Archives: July 2009

Trap results are updated

NGB is having a pretty good year so far!!


Range Inspection

Hello All

CFO inspected our ranges today.

Our Pistol and Rifle ranges are now closed until further notice.

We have a handle on how to modify the Pistol Range to meet CFO requirements.

We will have our Pistol range operable in the near future.

Our Rifle Range will require a more extensive rebuild and will take more time.

It will entail building a Baffling System to prevent line of fire above the far most berm at 270 yards.

None the less we do have $$ put aside to bring our Ranges up to standard and we will do so.

Our 2 Trap Ranges fared better and are permitted to operate with minor adjustments.

I will post updates as they become available.

Any advise or links to address our Baffle challenge is welcomed and appreciated.


3 Gun

Hey, what a day for our annual 3 gun shoot.

Congrats to Carl and Rob for great scores.

Scores were real close this year with everyone coming close.

I’ve posted a few pics of the day in the handgun section.