Monthly Archives: May 2008

Safety Training

Jim And I put together another Hangun Safety Seminar today.

Chris, Andreas, and Al have now qualified for an ATT from the club.

With Joel that gives us 4 new members within the past year interested in hangun target shooting.

Good trend.

Congrats guys!!


Interclub Updates

Well here is the latest from our statisticians H&D & A&S

Look in the Shotgun section.

I would have liked to do it a bit more ascetically pleasing but hey when you convert an excel file to doc you kinda take what you get.

I would have liked to leave it in Excel format but our free version of this site doesn’t allow that.

We are hosting our first inter club this Saturday, May 24 so hope the weather turns around by then.

Hope to see you Saturday !!

Rainy Shoot

The first rifle shoot of 2008 was held yesterday at the club. We had a fantastic turnout.

Not sure who won yet but Mark just edged John for best group by .020 in. Both are nice targets!!

We had a catastrophic equipment failure during scoring so Butch will get things tallied soon. :0)

I’ve posted 2 or 3 pics of the day in the rifle section.